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You may call me Luis, I'm a Registered Massage Therapist, passionate about the profession and true believer in client-centered care. Your privacy, health, comfort, and wellness, will always be my top priority.

I was born and raised in Mexico, so I share the values of my Latin people: friendly, dedicated, and hard worker. I've been living in Canada for almost 8 years, so I've grown accustomed to its rich culture: kind, accepting, productive, innovative and perseverant.

Helping someone by treating or preventing a condition, reducing stress, delivering palliative care, or a simply well deserved pampering, is something I find incredibly rewarding. That's why I'm involved in a process of constant learning and professional growth; always trying to find new and effective ways to serve you better.


I'm happy you're joining me in this new adventure. I appreciate your support, it means everything to me!


d(^-^)b   Thank you!

Fun facts

Noches Sin Luna comes from my favorite song, by Thalia. It translates as "moonless nights", and you can listen to it here: Google Play Music, or here: Spotify.

I'm a cat person

My Credentials

Check out my college education and provincial certification details, click here.